Giving your audience content that interests them right when they're looking for it

You may already have a marketing automation platform and not feel you are getting the best from it.  You may be confused at the myriad of platforms available, or simply have no clue what we’re talking about.


We have been hand-holding our clients through specification, implementation and delivery of working platforms and prospect nurturing services for more than 5 years now.  We are trained on Marketo, Pardot, Act-On, and Communigator, Extravision, with Eloqua coming shortly.


We deliver best practice in data management, work flows, drip campaigns, content management and reporting analysis.


How can we help?

This is a relatively new approach to winning business for IT Channel and, for it to work well, needs to be acknowledged as a core strategy in the business.


If you have marketing staff the chances are they won’t be experienced in maximising the potential of this technology and keeping pace with the amount of content required to deliver results.  Even if they are, it’s often the case that they simply don’t have the time to manage it effectively with all their other responsibilities.  This is where we can help


We can deliver elements of the project, or a full service as part of our managed nurture service.